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Thread Sizes & Colors
The majority of our items are made with size 10 (thicker) or size 30 (finer) thread. One or two different thread colors can be chosen for each item you order. Or, if you wish, just put the words "same as shown" for color when you go to fill out the order form, and we'll make the item exactly as shown on the web page.

Shown here are listings of the most popular thread colors we offer. Because of the difficulty in accurately portraying colors between web browsers and computers what you see here is only approximate and the actual thread colors used may be slightly different.

If you're interested in another color not listed here, contact us. We have quite a variety of other colors (some in limited amounts) and there's a chance we may have what you're wanting, or else be able to special order it.

Solid colored thread, size 10 and 30

Solid colors, size 10 and 30:
  • Bright white
  • Off white/cream
  • Ecru/tan
  • Lavendar
  • Grass green
  • Red
  • Medium pink
  • Light blue

Varigated thread, size 10 and 30

Varigated colors, size 10 and 30:
  • Light blue & white
  • Pink & white
  • Lavender and cream
  • Orange/gold & off-white
  • Pastel rainbow -- pink, blue, yellow, lavender, green
  • Bright rainbow -- yellow/gold, green, blue, red, etc.

Size 10 thread

Thread colors, size 10 only:
  • Dark purple
  • Sunflower yellow
  • Pale pink
  • Dark green
  • Dark blue
  • Light green and white varigated
  • Brown

Size 10 thread

Thread colors, size 30 only:
  • Light aqua
  • Dark red/burgandy
  • Yellow and white varigated
  • Medium blue