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Abigail Abigail
Using several old instruction books and my great-grandma's sterling silver shuttle,I taught myself how to tat when I was 13 years old. It took months of persistence and practice, but I finally "got it." Since then I've passed on the skill to my three sisters and a number of friends. I've always been thankful I learned -- it's a very enjoyable way to keep my hands busy!

Though Susanna and I both enjoy music and handwork, our other interests are very different. I'm more of an "indoorsy" person, enjoying reading, graphic design (my linkware graphics website is here), photography, traveling, small business management, and so on. Visit my personal website: A Source of Joy.


Susanna Susanna
Abigail taught me how to tat when I was 10 years old. Besides tatting, some of my other interests are music, spending time outdoors, and working with animals. I have a small dairy goat herd and a Great Pyrennes/Black Lab dog. I've played the piano since I was 6 and the violin since I was 12. My siblings and I all have fun playing hymns and folk music together.

Three of my favorite things are: lambing season, milking a goat, and a beautiful spring day. Oh, and playing piano duets with Abigail. :-)

We were blessed to have been homeschooled throughout our formal schooling years. We live with our family on a 160-acre farm that has been farmed without chemicals since 1964. Our family business is Paul's Grains, selling whole grains and fresh-ground flour and cereals. We're thankful to be able to work together!